Employment Opportunities
        Looking to get into the world of
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We often receive calls from interested people who want to begin a career in private investigations.  Butler & Associates is constantly looking for qualified applicants for the following two positions:

A college degree is preferred, but a minimum 2 years of college is acceptable.  Excellent writing, grammar, and videotaping skills are a must.  A clean driving record, a good credit history, and no criminal convictions are mandatory for the position of investigator.  Computer skills that include Word and Excel are important.  All investigators are cross-trained to perform investigations, bodyguard assignments, background research, and undercover decoy work.  All investigators are sent to a fully accredited California bodyguard academy in addition to receiving personal instruction from former U.S. Secret Service agents to attain certified protection specialist status.  All investigators and interns receive one-on-one firearms instruction on the Glock G19 9mm from former F.B.I. firearms instructors and are required to pass the  P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training) firearms course.  All investigators and interns must be certified in a defensive driving course and obtain Emergency Vehicle/Vehicle Dynamics certification.  All investigators and interns must be First Aid and AED certified.  All investigators and interns are required to attend company self-defense / mixed martial arts classes on a weekly schedule.  All investigators and interns are provided with a UFC gym membership and participate in a mandatory fitness program.

Approximately once every two months, Butler & Associates will advertise on Craigslist, San Francisco Bay Area, in the TV/Film/Video section for undercover decoys.  While there is no educational requirement for this part-time position, the interview process tends to wash out a vast majority of applicants.  While this position is one of the most exciting jobs available, it should not be taken lightly.  The ability to follow strict undercover protocol and remain calm under stress is vital.  Since eliciting behavior or information from the investigative subject is often the job of the undercover decoy, the ability to "think on one's feet" and ask pertinent questions is extremely important.  Most important of all is the ability to act; to assume a character and BE that character.  It is important to understand that undercover decoys NEVER work alone and are often assigned to an investigative team.  Travel is often involved, as our undercover stings are performed nationwide and internationally.  While there is a certain amount of danger involved in this position, the risk is calulated, managed, and minimized through strategy and meticulous planning.

If you feel that you may meet the criteria for one of these two positions, please return to the "Contact Us" tab and email us your resume and current photograph.  Emails lacking the required resume or the required photograph will not be considered for any position.

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